Class Description

Chief Machu Picchu

Yoga & Meditation Studio in the Heart of Toowoomba CBD. Specialising in an Eclectic Array of Yoga Styles, Meditation Techniques & Alternative Health.

 Class times vary from morning to evening with special 30 minute lunchtime classes catering for those who are time short and are looking to chill and rejuvenate. 

Our styles vary from Workshop style to power, flow and deep stretch. Within these classes you may begin to notice your strength building, enhancement of flexibility and calmness of mind. 




Bringing a different key area of focus each month. Covering vast area such as Core, Strength & Cardio. 


JULY  |  Learn the importance of maintaining a strong core! This NEW Fitness class will give insight into:

o  The anatomy of the core muscles

o  How to activate our core muscles correctly

o  How to training / activate these muscles using body weight & core stabilising exercises

o  Emphasis on injury prevention & recovery





Dynamic Detox Yoga Rooftop.png


Detox & Cleanse the Organs & Mind

Dynamic means to Move our bodies in Synchronicity with our Breath.

To cleanse and purify our organs and mind.  Invigorating the senses with detoxifying movements of the body and breath. Focusing on poses that gradually release deep muscular tension, fascial tissue and joint tissue.

Energising for the body & invigorating for our mind as we may release tightly bottled emotions, fears and trauma that we push away throughout our lifetime



Power & Strength Building

Yang is our Solar Energy within us, that drives us forward and upwards, energising and uplifting.

During this class where we increase muscular strength. Awakening and toning major muscle groups within the body. Stronger postures and longer holds improve our balance, self confidence and will power



Yin Style to Improve Flexibility & Control

Yin is our Lunar Energy within us; it's reflective, observant and quite.  A restorative and meditative practice, to awaken and lengthen major muscle groups. Low intensity working into deep connective tissues, particularly of the hips and lower back.

Poses are held longer than other styles, where we soften and surrender to the powers of gravity to do the work for us. Depth and complexity are gradually added as we surrender and become more receptive of our environments. Suitable for all including those who are new to yoga, or are recovering from physical injury  



Essential Oils to help Detox & Heal the Body

A Therapeutic Yoga practice with the use of Essential Oils to help cleanse, detox and re-energise the body. A beautiful addition to our yoga classes that aid in mindfulness & meditative techniques also



Be Yourself & Feel Loved in a Supportive & Sharing Environment

Learn how to hold space for yourself and for others. Empower your innate energy! Learn various tools ranging from Yoga, Kinesiology & Reiki Techniques to Kundalini Breathing and more! Learn how to meditate, clear your mind, ground yourself and shift stagnant energy that no longer serves you.

Allow yourself to be held and witnessed, to awaken the love within your own soul.  By deepening your self-realisation, you allow yourself to transform and move through your blocks and fears.  

“Eventually you will come to understand that love heals everything, and love is all there is” Gary Zukav